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Online and In-Store Purchase Terms & Condition

Delivery/Pickup Service Information

Delivery/Pickup Guidelines

     Here at SIMPLE HOME+ We want to make the process as Simple as possible for our customers while providing the best items at the best prices. In order to do this we have to keep our margins as low as possible on the front side so we can pass these savings to all our customers. Other companies will factor in return and exchange cost and charge that to all their customers in the price even if the customer dosent use that service. We do offer a Return,Exchange and Cancellation process for our customers so you can still have access to this service, however we have listed the fees below for each. These fees are to help recover not all but some of the expenses that we have occured due to the purchase. You may not think or know of all the cost that are involved in the whole process but there is alot of moving parts to make the whole process simple, fast and at the best value possible. Some might also think that we can resell the item at regular or a discount and that might be true but this process still causes an expense for our company either with storage, cost of inventory that wasnt planned for, labor, transportation, damage risk and so much more. So instead of factoring all that into the up front price and charging everyone for it, we believe in being upfront about our process before you decide to purhcase with us and then only charging these cost when/if they occur. That the Simple Home+ Promise! How furniture buying should be, SIMPLE! 

                                Regular StockSpecial OrderHotbuy/ASIS
Returns             Yes*, within 7 days of delivery with 25%** restocking fee *
No returns for mattresses, box springs and other bedding products.
No returnsNo returns
ExchangesYes, within 7 days of delivery with 15% restocking fee on reselections for equal or greater value. No exchangesNo exchanges
Cancellations  Yes*, with a 25% restocking fee* No cancellation for parcel delivery.No CancellationsNo Cancellations

see below for additional details, exclusions and limitations (including those relating to items delivered by parcel and mattress exchange eligibility.

Price Disclaimer

The prices displayed on the SIMPLE HOME+ website and instore are quoted in U.S. dollars and are valid and effective only within the United States, and such prices do not include delivery fees or sales or use taxes, if applicable, which will be added to your total invoice price. You are responsible for the payment of any delivery fees and state and local sales or use taxes that may apply to your order. While our goal is a 100% error-free site, we do not guarantee that any content is accurate or complete, including price information and product specifications. If we discover price errors, they will be corrected on our systems, and the corrected price will apply to your order. SIMPLE HOME+ reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions (including after an order has been submitted and accepted).

Manufacturer Warranty

SIMPLE HOME+ will assist in making repairs under the manufactures warranty. Most Manufactures will provide a 1 year limited warranty against defects in workmanship and material only. The customer will remain responsible for hte cost of labor and transportation. Damage from misuse , ware and tear, or not performing routine preventative maintenance are not covered under the manufacture warranty.

For mattressess comfort is not considered a manufacture defect, your body needs time to adjust to a new sleep setting some bodies take longer to adjust. Mattresses are designed to have some flex on the top level items may compress based on use and leave indentions. An approved bed or foundation must be purchased with mattress to be covered under warranty. Bed can not have any stains or body fluids or warranty is void. 

Additional information

  • Colors in store and online might apperar different than in your home due to different types of lighting, the screen specifications, and/or surrounding items colors. This variation does not institue any manufacture defect and will not affect the change exchange or return policy. 
  • It is the customers responsibility to review the invoice for accuracy. As we make every attempt to make sure we have all items listed on your invoice and as accuratly as possible. If you are unclear please ask the sales associate to reprint the ticket prior to signing. Please review the sku number, description, price, qty, your address and so on. We do not make verbal promises so pleaes make sure all items are listed on the invoice with the correct sku, color, size etc. Any errors will be processed under the exchange/retun policy no matter the reason. 
  • By Providing us your phone number you are opting into our service to allow us to communicate with you via text or call. If you no longer want us to text you then you can text the word STOP and we can no longer text you but keep in mind you can not text us either. If you want to allow us to text you or you text us you must first text the word START to reallow us to communicate with you. 
  • By doing busines with us you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set fourth but not limited to on our website and or invoice. 
  • All Sales are Final. 
  • By doing business with SIMPLE HOME+ you agree to use our electronic signature process and that your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual/handwritten signature on any documents. By conducting business with us “You agree” using any device, means, or action, You consent to the legally binding terms and conditions of the document. You further agree that your signature on the document is as valid as if You signed the document in writing. You are also confirming that you are authorized to enter into this Agreement. If you are signing the document on behalf of a minor, You represent and warrant that you are the minor’s parent or legal guardian.
  • SIMPLE HOME+ is always trying to provide the best services to make the customer experience simple. When you fill out a finance application with us either online or instore you are authorizing SIMPLE HOME+ to arrange the best financing offers possible. We use a waterfall system that will submit your app to all of our lenders to have them return us the best option avaliable. We may as needed resend your application to our providers for an updated offer or to update the application for your purchase. By submitting an application you are giving us permision to submit your application. We can NOT select which company to send to and which not as we are looking for the best option avaliable for you. Finance providers my perform credit checks see company terms for details.